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2 min readMay 25, 2021

SML airdrop rules

  • Airdrop currency SML, New users and registered users during this airdrop event, after logging in, click [Receive Airdrop] to participate in this event. Participating users can get 1 SML for free, and 1 SML will be added for each friend invited, and up to 10 SMLs can be obtained for invitation
  • SML has been issued to users participating in the first-stage airdrop and crowdfunding, and it is currently available for trading, redemption, or purchase of mining machine nodes. After crowdfunding and all mining machine node subscriptions are completed, SML will be launched on decentralized exchange and centralized exchanges successively.

Participation Method

After logging in, click [Invite Friends] to copy and share your link. You and the invitee will be rewarded with 1 SML at the same time, and each person can invite up to 10 people. Each person can get a maximum of 10 SMLs. After the invited users register and log in, the backup mnemonic phrase and the bound email address are considered valid. If it is recognized as cheating, the reward will be cancelled. SML can be used to trade, redeem, or buy mining machine nodes

Event start time: June 1, 2021

Crowdfunding rules

·The total amount of crowdfunding: 30 million SML

·Number of crowdfunding: 300 rounds, one round every 23 hours, 100,000 SML per round

·Crowdfunding time: 7th June 2021 to 2nd April 2022

·Crowdfunding price: not fixed, automatically calculated based on the number of participants

·Calculation formula: crowdfunding price = the amount of USDT invested in this cycle/100,000 tokens

·Minimum amount: 100USDT, less than this amount can not participate

·The SML obtained after the crowdfunding in this stage will be automatically issued to the user’s SML wallet

·Tradable, convertible, and can purchase mining machines

Crowdfunding method

  • After logging in, click [Participate Crowdfunding] to participate in this event
  • After the end of this stage of crowdfunding, SML will be automatically sent to the user’s SML wallet according to the amount of USDT you invested

What is SML

The SMILE protocol is managed by SML holders of governance tokens around the world. Through a scientific governance system composed of Executive Voting (Executive Voting) and Governance Voting (Governance Polling), SML holders can manage the financial risks of the SMILE protocol and INT, thereby ensuring the stability, transparency and efficiency of the protocol. Each SML token locked in the voting contract is equivalent to one vote.



SML Foundation

The SMILE protocol is managed by SML holders of governance tokens around the world.